Friday, November 30, 2012

We are Different

We are DIFFERENT..and thats okay !!
Ladies..When my husband and I remarried 8 yrs ago..this was one of the things that changed my heart.. WE ARE DIFFERENT..AND THATS OK..GOD CREATED US TO BE DIFFERENT..
I was constantly mad at him for ~ not...
thinking like me..not doing what I would of done.. not reacting that way I would of reacted..and did I say..Not Thinking LIke Me.. (that one deserves repeating)
God created men to think Practical and Single minded~ They were created for Task work (God gave them dominion over sea, sky and land and all that is in it) and since they are single minded,,that keeps them from getting distracted from their task at hand..
God Created Women to think Emotionally and Multi taskers,and that is because we created to Nurture,,and not just one person but our entire family,,so we need to be able to think of many things and many people at one time..
But Ladies we need to learn to appreciate our differences instead of seeing them as Faults..
Together with our different approaches to life..
we complete each other..
He brings the practical to an issue and you bring the emotional.. That is the way God intended it to be..
So the next time He doesnt think the way WE do.. or they dont do what WE would of done..Know that he is not doing it to be confrontational. That is just how his mind thinks..And Know that God has a plan ..and trust God's Design.. and appreciate the difference instead of being frustrated at them..
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  1. Good word and I still need to be reminded, even after 32 years and I still need to remember the differences, especially since I have five boys and at times I feel (that emotional part) that they didn't get me