Monday, December 3, 2012

Intuitions or Holy Spirit ?

Ladies how many of you believe like me..that a woman's intuition is really the holy spirit whispering to you ? I have to admit that there has been times in my life..when I felt something was not quite right,, but I CHOOSE to ignore it and g...
o on like nothing had happened..and I feel that was wrong..that gentle nudge or a continuing thought is our flashing warning button. Whether it is something about your child..your spouse.. or a friend.. dont just cover your eyes and pretend that feeling isnt really there.. that may be the first nudge that you could acknowledge a problem that could get bigger if ignored,,it could be that some one really needs your attention. So dont ignore Woman's Intuition..the Holy Spirit may be able to use you to redirect your child,, to save your marriage from an affair.. to save a friend from making a huge mistake..
You are a Jesus Girl..and he is ready and willing to use in the circle of family and friend he has placed in your path.. Listen to that whisper..pray about it and then follow your Godly intuition..
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