Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Find your Titus 2 Woman in your life

We all go through moments of weakness.. Where we fill our faith is under attack.. or we just need some one to talk to.. Well I am a firm beleiver that if you are a child of God,,he has placed some one in your life that you gravitat...
e to..and there is a God given reason for that...if you stopped for a second and thought about it.. is there another women,, a strong spiritual woman in your life that you would feel comfortable talking too.. I bet there is... Because I beleive that God purposefully places a Titus 2 type of woman in each of our paths..
When we have moments of weaknesses,, it is important to seek out a strong spiritual woman, and just spend some time with her.. have a cup of coffee or grab a bite to eat.. And I bet that you will walk away feeling Refreshed and with a perspective ..
God places these women in our lives to bring us Hope and Encouragement.. go get us through the tough part of lifes trials..
Dont let pride,, keep you isolated..Dont let satan tell you that no one would understand,,and that it is better to keep to yourself and just deal with it.. Women need Women..
Our husbands are wonderful, but some times we just need another emotional thinkin person (Godly person) to listen to us..
So if you havent already determinded who your Titus 2 woman is.. keep your eyes open.. she is just wasnt looking..
Find her..and glean from her Fresh Spirit
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