Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Praying for Peace

Have you ever prayed for PEACE ..
Peace of mind,, peace of body,,peace in your nerves ?
I spent two maybe even 3 yrs just praying for peace..and the Lord answered my prayer but do you know what was the biggest culprit >>> ME !
I realized i...
t one day after a auto accident and I was at the chiropractors office and the nurse said..Mrs. Long you will need to lay here for 20 mins with these eletrodes on your back before your adjustment.... For the entire 20 mins I was miserable.. thinking to myself.. I dont have 20 mins to lay here.. I dont have all day ...
I was , and can still be at own worse enemy...
I used to work around my house allllllllll day..because Lord~forbid something be out of place.. and the truth of the matter is,, no one cared about everything being in perfect order but me.. My husband likes a clean house,,but he didnt care that is was perfect.. I put that pressure on MYSELF.. not him..
and I can use that example in so many areas of my life..
God taught me,,and is still teaching me to LET GO a bit..
I still like a clean house,,but its not perfect..
I have learnt to BE STILL.. (boy that one is a big one for me) God taught me how to do that via Yoga,,, going out and just sitting at a park... a bubble bath at night...
 No agenda. No to do list..
Im still a work in progress,,
 but now I long for my PEACEful time as much as I do prefection :)
What do you do to Relax and find Peace of mind...
Or is that a challenge for you too ??
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Until then God Bless

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