Wednesday, March 27, 2013

This Changes Nothing

Hard truth....
Sitting around just being frustrated that Life isnt what you expected it to be..Changes Nothing.. It doesnt change the time of day, let alone the situation.. Sitting there alone pondering it over and over again, doesnt change... a thing....except YOU..
It changes who you are...
Look at this woman..she is beautiful ,,
but not inviting,not loving, not some one who you want rush over to sit with and visit..
She is (short of better words,,but truthfully) depressing..
And the longer she sits there, the more depressed she will become..That is Satans trick.. the longer you sit and ponder the problem, the more details he adds to its.. the more issues he points out..and then he will start adding things that havent even happened yet ..but possibly could.. (he is a master at this are no challenge for him)
There is a world of out there of beautiful things and wonderful people that God created to be a part of her life,,and instead she is sulking on the couch missing all of it..
We need to stop paralyzing ourselves with frustation and disappointment and instead Enjoy our lives.. Enjoy what we do have,,,Go out and make it better,, do things that will benefit your life,,make changes if necessary,,but sitting, sulking and complaining only makes things adds to the problem,, but surely doesnt fix it..
Have a heart to heart with the Lord,, tell him you want to start over.. that you are putting your concerns in his hands..but that you are sorry you have not been enjoying the Life he has so graciously blessed you with,,and that starting today..
You are a New You.. A Beautiful, Gracious, Blessed Daughter of the King,,
and you are going to have a wonderful day ,, and that for each day he gives you..
you will be a blessing ,,
to yourself and to others..
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Until then God Bless

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