Friday, November 30, 2012

The Lies Satan Tells You while you are in Church

Pssss.. I want to share with you a LIE satan used to tell me.
When my kids and I would go to church years ago.. I used to sit behind a perfect little church family just like this one. And all during serv...

ice, satan would draw my attention away from the sermon and to them, and he would say things like this ...
They must have a perfect marriage.. (Not like yours) look how cute they are,, look how attentive he is to her..(Your husband doesnt treat you like that, half the time you cant even get him to come to church) Look how well behaved their kids are.. (yours hasnt heard a single workd the preacher has said) She musht be an awesome wife and mother.. she really has it all together..
(Not like your life at all)
But it was alllll a lie.. just a trick to get me upset and frustrated,, to cause more strife in my marriage and in my head..
Now that family you see at church may be great...but that doesnt mean that they are better than you,, Marriages and relationships alllll have struggles and is because they have not given up,that they are still sitting there..
Your husband may not be as spiritual as the man in the pew in front of you..but that doesnt mean that God isnt working on him.. for the first 15 yrs of my husband didnt go to church with us at all,, now he goes with us a lot more often.
(but that is between him and God..
Never compare yourself to some one else.. God is doing a NEW thing in everyone.. and not the same thing.. the struggles another family faces, may not be the same as your struggles but NO ONE has a perfect life, regardless of the ILLUSION of one..
At the end of the day, when you close your eyes to sleep, God will have done a new work in you,, guided you step by step to prepare you for tomorrow.. and guess what ??? He has also done the same thing for your husband and your children,, wheither they claim to be believers or not,,they are still His beloved child and he is softly guiding them at the pace that they need to go in..
Never give up hope.. Keep your eyes on the Lord and trust him..
You are right where you need to be.. Right where Gods needs you most..Just keep Praying.. God knows the desires of your heart.
Blessed is she who BELIEVES that the Lord will keep his promises to her. Luke 1:45
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