Friday, December 7, 2012

Daughter, Mothers and Grandmothers.

Ladies,,this is a study that I am doing right now,by Lisa Bevere called Nurture

and this is a portion of the study..and it is soooooo true that I wanted to share it with you..

It is NO accident that we women need each other the way we do..and so many of us grow up and think.. Im grown..I dont need her advice or to learn anything from her experiences..and that is WRONG.. God designed us to need each other in all different seasons in our lives..
Where you are now,, in the season of life that you walk today.. You are sooooo valuable to another woman....there will always be some one younger than you that you could reach out to and help..and there will always be some one older that you could glean from their wisdom..

Wheither you are a Daughter, Mother or Grandmother,,or a combination of them all..Grab the hand (and heart) of a woman in your life... And love them where they are at..That is Gods design for women..



A daughter is her father’s joy and her mother’s treasure because she quickens the heart. Daughters are the feminine form, which embodies love, beauty, hope, and tenderness. A daughter is smiles, hugs, and laughter. She is a seeker of truth who asks many questions, longing to know who she is. She is a friend and comfort in your latter years. A daughter is like a priceless pearl.

Mother… I have found mothers to be those who lay down life to bring forth life I have found mothers to be advocates for children and change, protectors, nurturers, and healers of sick children. They are the ones who respond to a child’s cry in the night. They grow into masters at multitasking. A mother is one who feeds and sustains life with warmth and what beauty she finds. She is a wiper of tears, calmer of fears, tender of injuries, instructor, teacher, friend, and confidant who gives advice whether you ask for it or not! She is a woman with answers who will tell you who she is. ("Because I am your mother, that’s why!")

GrandmothersI have found grandmothers can be the amazing ones who know and love. They are the "yes" to whatever you ask. They wear soft smiles and give even softer hugs. They are confidants and advocates for both mother and daughters.Grandmothers are the givers of both practical and unnecessary gifts. They are the guardians of perspective, secrets, and insight. They listen and pray as they watch over their children near and far. They have selective memories and give advice when asked. Grandmothers no longer ask who they are because they have discovered why they are.
Daughters are growing, so they need to ask for things, such as connection, love, affirmation, and answers. The question "Why?" is often in their mouths. If questions are not asked and answers are not given, then no one grows and healthy perspective is lost. Daughters keep mothers relevant and real if we will allow them to do so.

Mothers are grown; they have answers, meet needs, give love, ask for obedience, and are often busy. The word "Because" is often in their mouths.

Grandmothers have blossomed and almost embody maternal love and life answers, but they watch and wait as they ask for hugs and kisses. The phrase "Let it go, it doesn’t matter" is in their vocabulary as they pat you.

(via) Lisa Bevere

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