Friday, December 7, 2012

Stop Wearing His Pants

Ladies, a lot of times we complain about our husbands not stepping up and being Head of the House, so that we can be Heart of the Home..But there are many times that we are to blame for that..(dont roll your eye just yet... lol) we want them to step up,but then we quickly step right were was ask them to be and take over . We want to tell them how to do it.. And then what happen... abracadabra, poof,,, he throws up his hands,,,shuts down and we are right back to where we started,,and then we want to blame him for not stepping up.. It is a vicious cycle..
That is because men wont work under a womans instructions..
They dont enjoy being told that they arent doing it right..or that ,
thats not the way I would of done it..
So if you want your man to wear the pants around the have to give them back !!! lol
And then dont expect for him to "poof" do everything right.. give him a chance to test the waters ( he is watching to see if you are gonna , take the pants back again) and praise and encourage him for the job he has done..and then turn the rest over to the Lord.. He will guide your husband in being the Head of the House..and then you can focus your thoughts on being his Help mate..and The HEART of the Home..that job is big enough in itself..
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