Thursday, January 3, 2013

Home is not a place , its a feeling

Both my parents are in heaven now..and I was thinking about them yesterday.. I remember the night my mom died (my dad passed away 2 yrs prior) when it came time for me to leave,, I couldnt bring myself to walk out the doors of the hospital..... so I sat in the lobby for a while.. thinking.. if I leave here,, my life will be so different.. I wont have parents any longer..I wont have a HOME.. Now I was married with children at the I had my own home,,but my mom and dad represented HOME to me..
They were great parents..and I loved them so much.. they were married for 57 yrs before my dad passed.,and Im sure that during trials in their marriage, they could of considered divorce,, but they never did.. and because of that us kids never had to think that one day we would not have a home..
That is a legacy that I want to leave my children..We face trials in life and in marriage,,but if our children know that we are committed to each other and to our family,, they will always have a HOME..
Thank M♥m and D♥d for that..
See ya one day in Heaven..
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Heart of the Home..
Have a Blessed day..

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