Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I know your tired,,,but drop your nets again

Some of you may be like me.. You may have an area or a relationship in your life that you have prayed and prayed and prayed over,, read up on all the books on the subject..Done everything you can think to do,and yet your prayers still havent been answered.. things are getting any better,, you've work so hard at it and yet No Results..
Dont give up !! Dont give in !! Cast your nets one more time..
In James 5, Simon says.. Lord , we have worked all night,, we are tired,,hungry and just see no hope.. We did all we could and still caught NO fish.. the Lord says.. try again... cast your nets to the other side..
So I say to you and to me... Try Again.. We may be tired,, and feel frustrated and have no hope..but if we put our Faith in God,,and do what we know is right,, what he has told us to do.. the day will come when our nets will over flow with blessing ,,because we did not give up..
Cast your nets again..and again.. until your blessing comes..
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