Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never lose sight of your Love

Never lose sight of the things in him that caused you to fall in love with him.. He loves you ♥ You love him ♥
If you have unforgiveness or resentments toward him,, or he for you.. it will overshadow your love for one another..
Ask the Lord to help you to forgive him..even for things that you may not acknowledge with words..but that deep down , you have not let go of... And ask the Lord to do...
the same thing in his that your love for one another will Grow..
Dont allow Satan to cloud your mind with wrong thoughts..
He will give you desires for who you 'want' your husband to be.. Instead.. Love him right where he is.. faults and all..
(psssss.. We have faults too,, we dont want him to love us any less because of them, do we?)
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