Friday, April 5, 2013

Prayer Corner

Ladies.. If you do not have a Prayer Corner, or quiet place you like to meet with the Lord,, Here are some tips on how to make one.
You can do it with only what you have in your home,,the only thing you may need to purchase is writing utensils (highlighter, post~its, tabs,,that kinda thing..
So let create your corner..
Items you will need..
*Comfy Chair
*small end table
*Pleasant surrounding
(not in the middle of the living room where it is busy, tv going all the time. some where in the house that is not high traffic.)
*Pretty Decor( items you may want to decorate your corner with) such as your favorite print to put on the wall or a vase of flowers to go on the table, cute pillow, throw blanket,, things that make you feel comfy and cozy, nice colors,, maybe even a favorite fragrant candle.
* Supplies> Easy to read bible..maybe a study bible too,Favorite Devotional, a note pad, highlighters , Post~its, Tabs, Pen,book mark.
*Alarm clock
* You and your favorite drink.. coffee, tea (hot or cold) and a longing to connect to your loving Savior..

Now.. find your spot in the house.. create your little prayer corner,,using some of the items above,, decorate your own little area,,just the way you like it..the way it make you feel comfortable..
On your table should be everything you will desire during your quiet time with the Lord,, bibles, devotionals, supplies for those moment that you want to jot down what the Lord is speaking to your heart about..
Once you have created your Prayer Corner,, decide when you feel it would be best used..
I like to set a seperate alarm on my phone to wake up 30 mins before anyone else in the house..I set my timer on my coffee machine so that I have a comforting drink to enjoy during my quiet time..
If you are not a morning person.. You decide when it is perfect timing for you..and then set an alarm..a reminder , so to speak , to schedule time and not forget to be alone with Your Lord..
Since I have created my Prayer Corner, I have found that my relationship with the Lord has gotten gotten so much closer.. Purposefully spending quality time with him, make me smile and has created a new women in me..
I hope you will enjoy your Prayer Corner as much as I enjoy mine..
(ps. my Prayer Corner is the Heart of the Home Photo)
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  1. Thank you for the challenge to create a prayer corner in our homes.