Saturday, May 18, 2013

He So Wants to be Your Hero

He so wants to be your hero Your Knight in shining Armor

Now what I'm about to say,,you may or may not agree with ..but this is my personal belief..
Men's honor has been so trampled on by ,,,,"I'm Woman hear me ROAR" that they no longer step up to be our hero' attempt to lead..
they , at times must feel that they are fighting a loosing battle..
If they offer to help, they get shot down and accused of thinking that the woman is beneath them.. and if they dont offer to help then they are jerks.(bless their little hearts..) ..So many times, just to protect themselves..they do nothing..
So you cant change all of man kind in the world..
but you can Speak Life into your husband or boyfriend..
If you happened to of heard me as I was a guest speaker on Transparency in Christ Blog~Radio.. you would of heard me say..
" My husband is the head of our home, and I like it that way" I proudly say.. I'm a loving and submissive wife..
Ladies..not only let your husband be your hero,, encourage him to be..
Speak life by supporting him in decisions,, standing behind him in his choices.. requiring the children to honor and respect him..
And again.. live life by example.. Give your husband the Love, Honor and Respect that God requires of us..
(notice that I did not say ... that he doing that your love and respect becomes CONDITIONAL..God didnt say love honor and respect only the Godly man,,or the perfect man,,or even the righteous man.. the bible say YOUR husband.. MY husband.. Yes
Build him up.. NEVER SPEAK A HARSH OR UNKIND WORD ABOUT YOUR HUSBAND TO ANYONE.. If you need to council with some one when you are going through a rough patch with your husband ..choose one close and trusted council or friend and express your frustrations,but still never bash your spouse out of vengefulness..
His roll as Hero,,(protector and provider) is God ordained.. God created Adam to fulfill this roll as Head of the Home.. Protector over his wife Eve and the family.. So your husband instinctively desires to be your Hero.. Support that.. Speak Life into your husband and be his helpmate..Together you will make a great team..

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